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               How to order the Quantum Focusing ebooks

               for your own transformation.

  1. How To Get Unstuck  Workbook
      PDF download sent directly to your email.  88 pages       $19.77

        Printable in an easy-to-read 8” x 11” format                     

  1. IBS Relief  Workbook
    PDF download sent directly to your email.   98 pages        $27.77

  2. Printable in an easy-to-read 8” x 11” format


SENT IN AN MP3 FORMAT THAT GOES INTO iTunes or other computer music players.

  1.    How To Stay On Track To Graduate and Succeed

      Workbook for Adult Students

      PDF download sent directly to your email.  78 pages        $26.77

      Printable in an easy-to-read 8” x 11” format


Note: All 3 books above are versions of our basic How To Get Unstuck book rewritten specifically for different needs.

   The How To Get Unstuck book is the basic book and the basis for all the book series.

   The IBS book is specifically for IBS Relief, including additional information and special forms for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    The How To Stay On Track is especially for Adult Students in Diploma programs.


an MP3/recording for people who must make COLD CALLS. Or salespeople that must return calls or consistently use the telephone to call potential customers, but the sales people are are new, shy, tired or just burned out.  Listening to this gives you new energy, new spirit and an effective way to up your ability to handle a day on the phone and feel good about yourself.    




Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Doctor, Nurse, or Other Health Practitioners or Professionals

Professional editions below are only $10 more because they include a Guidebook with the Workbook, PLUS support and valuable bonuses relevant to Professional Practitioners who work with clients.

For Professionals Only:

  1. 1. How To Get Unstuck Workbook 88 pages & Professional’s Mini-GUIDEbook 16 pages, includes all Professional bonuses

  2. PDF downloads sent directly to your email.            $29.77

  1. 2. IBS Relief Workbook 98 pages & Professional’s GUIDEbook 73 pages, includes all Professional Bonuses

  2. PDF downloads sent directly to your email.            $37.77

    • 3.  Mind Games That Win.   A Pamphlet with a few Simple Tips, Tricks and techniques for helping Clients Overcome Fears.   Used in a workshop   14 pages 




  1. BEDSIDE MANNERS, Effective Medical Communication

What Not To Say and What To Say to patients, clients and yourself

Pain Clinician’s edition

22 Page Booklet

  1. in a PDF download sent directly to your email.            $9.99

OR Get it all: 

The Quantum Focusing Power Package:

  1. The •Get Unstuck workbook and the •IBS Relief workbooks with both their •Professional Guidebooks, PLUS •How To Stay On Track, along with the pamphlet •Mind Games That Win

    •INCLUDING AUDIO RECORDINGS of the induction sections of the IBS Workbook sent to you in an MP3 format to play on computer or into a music player.

• Plus “How To Lose Weight While Eating” Power Point

  1. Plus our newest booklet •Bedside Manners.

         7 manuals in all, 15 mini-recordings, 1 P.P.,

(all separately $149.99), includes all Professional Bonuses, (and a listing of your website on our website, if you like...)      

                            All for $79.77

The "trance" so many of us professionals  have used for years, is the perfect introduction for any client afraid of hypnosis.

For one thing, it is less than 5 minutes. For another, it allows them to determine "depth", and their own experience. In these cases such as yours, I do the Quantum Focusing, with either their eyes closed or open. The client finds that it is "OK". Safe, actually. Answers many of his questions on the process. Sometimes opens up a few other questions, which can easily be addressed. 

It is a form of self-hypnosis. It is called Quantum Focusing, not hypnosis.

I find so many clients, who say they are afraid, really warm up after realizing this process of Quantum Focusing.

Now, as it happens, it is a great trance induction that can be used throughout most all hypnosis sessions, and only gets better with use and frequency.

Click here to read special bonuses for Professionals like author support in working with clients, free updates, inclusion on our website with your url, and more...



Here is why these books are valuable for Professionals to add to the toolbox in your practice:

Our books and methods have been endorsed by over a dozen leading medical doctors and other health professionals worldwide.  Each Workbook has over 35 scripts and so much more as it takes a holistic position to helping out your clients.  We also thought about what a fellow hypnotist would really want from a book—possibly some kind of mentoring program in using the techniques to make their sessions with clients more effective. So we made it a “living book”, with email author support. Plus other Click here to read bonuses for Professionals you may not find with other books.

The method—Quantum Focusing— is based on a system that does not involve a deep trance, something of particular value if you have a potential client who may be wary of formal hypnosis.

Each book is in a Workbook Size, 8 1/2 x 11, and made to be printed out on 3 hole paper so it can fit into a 3-Ring/hole binder. You can do it from your computer,  (3 hole paper is available from Staples, etc. or just take it to a Kinko’s or a local, fast Printshop). We turned this best-seller into an e-book, to reduce the price and make it more available to everyone, and as an e-book we can send it to you immediately anywhere in the world. (Our first internet order was from Beirut, Lebanon, and still most orders are international) It is developed as a great addition into every Hypnotherapists’ toolbox.


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