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Achieve an inner peace, that gets you ready to set sail and achieve everything you want

2.    IBS RELIEF:  A Workbook For IBS
           Read and listen in the bathroom
 This is what to do while sitting and waiting. 
Relieve your symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome while you are having the symptoms!
With AUDIO RECORDINGS OF THE HYPNOSIS SECTIONS so you can play them on your                                iPod/MP3 player, or off your computer, especially while sitting on the toilet.
    Hope Is realistic!  Relief is waiting for you. If you have settled for a lifetime of spending too much time suffering from and thinking about Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then read this book.  Follow the mental exercises in this amazing, medical doctor endorsed workbook and watch your symptoms disappear. Your mind can finally rule your body and not the other way around.  Change your thoughts, change your life.                                                                                                                  
   Stop the thoughts that keep IBS and start the thoughts that get rid of IBS. You can use your mind to get your guts under your control. This is a package of readings, mental exercises, breathing techniques, meditations, visualizations, clear logic and insight into exactly what is happening and exactly what to do about it. All of it can be done while on the toilet.
1.   HOW TO GET UNSTUCK, a Workbook for you to take charge of your life, health and career
    This is a step-by-step program for you to succeed. Day-to-day life can put people into a negative trance. When you repeat bad habits and bad choices you can feel boxed in, and life can seem hopeless at times. Quantum Focusing wakes you up and de-hypnotizes you to take you out of your dull trance. 
    For one example, the Basic Exercise on page 19, is so powerful, that in just a few minutes you feel creative energy surging through your entire body. As you practice, your thoughts become more powerful and your life’s direction becomes clear. You get relaxed, focused, in the moment and finally get what you want from Life.

All 4 Quantum Focusing books are endorsed by dozens of Doctors, Nurses and Psychology professionals.

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“Quantum Focusing ebooks is

an easy-to-use,

light-hearted, Self-Hypnosis that works”

You will free your Imagination and
learn to use it as a Mental Martial Art

You will free your Imagination and

learn to use it as a Mental Martial Art

 How To Stay On Track To Graduate  and Succeed.  
      A Workbook For Adult Students.  
        Special Vocational College Edition
A workbook to EASE YOU through the                 COMPLEX DEMANDS in your student life: 
•Let Go Of Stress        • Prepare and Pass Tests                   • Balance Work and School            • Enjoy Life            •Sleep Soundly         • Manage Time Effectively

This workbook is Your Key To Success

Mastery over subjects like math, science or business

concepts are important. But mastering yourself is the Key to your

Success at school, at work, at home and throughout your life.

By following the step-by-step exercises in this workbook,

you Relax into Focus, Become Alert, and Live in the Moment.

You move into “The Success Zone” at will.

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Authors Michael Ellner in New York City or Alan Barsky in San Francisco Bay Area are available for private  sessions, in person or over SKYPE or Phone if you wish. Scroll down for phone #’s

Make it a daily habit

4.  Bedside Manners.  
   Effective Medical Communication:
   What Not To Say & What To Say 
    to patients, clients and yourself
    Special Pain Clinician’s Edition
This 22 page Handbook will help you EASE through the COMPLEX DEMANDS your patient makes on you:

Patient Communication is key to your work satisfaction

22 pages packed with decades of experience.

Certainly Mastery over medicine is first. But mastering yourself and your attitude is the Key to your success with patient relations.

By following the step-by-step exercises in this workbook,

you Relax into Focus, Become Alert, and Live in the Moment.

You move into “The Success Zone” at will.

                                CARRY IT WITH YOU   

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  1. Including actual wording to say; •Balance your inner success at work, •Enjoy work more, •Sleep better and •Manage time effectively

For Professionals Only Series

Get it all for a great price.

  1. 5.Earn A Degree from Empower U.


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